The Book of Conversations

When was the last time you had a great conversation? A conversation that was out of the blue, intriguing and interesting. A conversation where you found out so much more about your friends and so much about yourself.

The Book of Conversations
came to life because we simply aren’t as good at talking as we used to be. Too often we just trade information. What we did, what we bought, where we went, what we did at work.

The book is a collection of questions, each question a conversation starter. It’s the intrigue of exploring someone and discovering what lies beneath. Some questions are deep, some trivial and some you will never forget.

However, just words were not enough. Images provoke people in ways that words sometimes can’t. 120 artists, graphic designers, creative directors, art directors, photographers, illustrators and animators were approached and were each given a question.

Their task was to provoke this question with an image. The image could make the reader cry, shout, laugh or think. But most importantly, it should get them to talk.

Let’s bring back the art of conversation to a world that needs it more than ever.

Let the discussion begin.

120 artists participated in the book.

The book includes photographers Rankin, Julia Fullterton-Batten and Andreas Smetana. Mark Porter, Creative Director of The Guardian, James Sommerville, Co-founder of The Attik, Illustrators Aardman Animations (Creators of Wallace & Gromit), eBoy, Faiyaz Jafri, and Gary Taxali. And many creatives from Advertising Agencies around the world: Weiden+Kennedy, The Glue Society Sydney, TBWA, Madre Buenos Aires, Strawberry Frog New York and JWT Tokyo.

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